Judd Greenstein – In Teaching Others We Teach Ourselves

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Release Date: October 8, 2013

New Amsterdam’s first limited-edition clear vinyl 12″ single, released in partnership with the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA), features Judd Greenstein’s In Teaching Others We Teach Ourselves, which appeared on violist Nadia Sirota‘s sophomore release, Baroque, was originally composed as a multi-channel installation as part of the exhibit and was premiered live by Sirota at its opening. Here, the piece appears in vinyl as a remastered single on one side, with a beautiful remix on the other by composer and electronic musician extraordinaire Son Lux, who composed the title track from yMusic’s critically acclaimed debut Beautiful Mechanical. The record, which serves as the official exhibit catalogue for the 2012 SMoCA exhibit, “This Is A Present From a Small Distant World”, includes extensive exhibit documentation in the enclosed booklet and sleeve. The outer cover reflects the most prominent feature of the exhibit’s exterior: a list of items from the 1977 Golden Record that accompanied the Voyager spacecraft on its mission, an object that serves as the exhibit’s guiding inspiration.